An intern at AidGrade

Post by Scott Weathers, @scott_weathers.

My first day at AidGrade came with a gift. In our fall team’s first meeting with Eva, we received owl-themed kitchen timers.

But these weren’t stocking stuffers. Eva brought up a set of studies—which everyone was already familiar with—arguing that working for short, fixed blocks of time was the most effective work strategy. Spend less time concentrating and you’re not reaching optimal productivity, spend more and you’re burning yourself out.

This is AidGrade. How can we use our time, money, and energy to the greatest effect? How can development aid be maximized to spur economic growth, cure disease, and save the greatest number of lives?

AidGrade is a risky endeavor. We are less than a dozen employees and interns working to refine the most promising solutions to global disease and poverty.

You’ll see the importance of AidGrade right away. Why isn’t there a database of studies on HIV education, anti-malarial bed nets, micronutrients, or microfinance? If you like to ask big questions, you’ll fit right in.

You’ll also learn quickly. The fine-grained details of Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) may not be too familiar right now, but AidGrade presents an awesome opportunity to dive in.

AidGrade is a development start-up that I believe is working on some of the most important issues the world has today. If you have any aspiration to impact humanity, or at least understand the impact you may have, I encourage you to join.

Scott was a fall term social media intern. Interested in learning more about what opportunities are available? Get in touch:

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