What does $50k mean to us?

Post by Eva Vivalt, @evavivalt.

AidGrade’s at risk of not making the Indiegogo target, meaning the money raised to date would be returned to the contributors.

We’re a small organization. We do everything on a shoestring. This actually means we’re quite cost-effective. Everything I’ve done for the organization has been on a volunteer basis and actually most of our work gets done that way.

We’re a young organization. We seem so well-established that perhaps we don’t seem like we need the money, but we’re only celebrating a year since launching the website tomorrow.

$50k is a year’s worth of activities, if were to ration ourselves to only the most essential parts. That’s all the meta-analyses, all the data collection, all the massive coordination that requires. And perhaps we haven’t allocated enough in the past to fundraising or publicity or putting our materials into media-friendly sound bytes. That’s understandable – we’re researchers – but mea culpa. We are finishing up the last of our first 20 meta-analyses, and expect the focus to shift to making more use of these data to put out new findings.

We aren’t planning to do any more crowdfunders, so this is your last chance to get one of the rewards – the crowdfunder ends Tuesday! Please help us get to our goal so we can squeeze these data this coming year and build sustainability.

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