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The topics selected

The following topics were selected as our next areas of focus through the process described earlier. Several of the other popular choices not on this list may still be examined in subsequent rounds.

We are excited to get started on the next phase! Do get in touch if you want to be involved in research for one of these topics!

Antiretroviral treatment programs
Child care programs
Computer training programs
Contract teachers
Financial literacy training programs
HIV/AIDS education programs
Improved seed programs
In-kind food aid
Irrigation programs
Micro health insurance
Micronutrient supplementation programs
Mobile phones
Performance pay for public servants
Prenatal care programs
Rural electrification programs
Sexual health education programs
Teacher absenteeism monitoring programs
Waste collection programs
Women’s empowerment programs

Process map and methodology

We are working on getting more materials up online. It’s a long process, but to start, here are some documents describing the process used in our current round of meta-analyses.

This diagram describes our process. The meta-analyses follow the standard stages: (1) topic selection; (2) a search for relevant papers; (3) screening of papers; (4) data extraction; and (5) data analysis. In addition, we pay attention to (6) dissemination and (7) updating of results, so as to allow our work to serve as a resource for others and improve the overall data quality.

Process map

The hyperlinked documents also describe our methodology and coding practices in more detail. The first link, in particular, goes through all the stages represented in the diagram, in turn.

Results of the survey!

Thank you very much for participating! Here are the responses, based on 452 votes.


In the “other” category, there were 5 write-in votes for animal welfare programs; no other topic received more than one write-in vote. We looked into animal welfare-related programs as a result, but unfortunately the literature on this topic did not look mature. We’ll keep exploring how we can include this topic in the future.

For more information, see our press release about the results.


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Which topics do you want us to cover?

We’re asking for your help in selecting the next topics we will cover.
We plan to next cover 20 of the topics on this list, or roughly half.

Please vote and pass on the link! Voting will remain open for one week (until March 18).

(To view a full-page version of this survey, click here.)