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The topics selected

The following topics were selected as our next areas of focus through the process described earlier. Several of the other popular choices not on this list may still be examined in subsequent rounds.

We are excited to get started on the next phase! Do get in touch if you want to be involved in research for one of these topics!

Antiretroviral treatment programs
Child care programs
Computer training programs
Contract teachers
Financial literacy training programs
HIV/AIDS education programs
Improved seed programs
In-kind food aid
Irrigation programs
Micro health insurance
Micronutrient supplementation programs
Mobile phones
Performance pay for public servants
Prenatal care programs
Rural electrification programs
Sexual health education programs
Teacher absenteeism monitoring programs
Waste collection programs
Women’s empowerment programs


We have volunteer and summer intern positions open. If you’d like more information, send us your email address:







If you simply want to stay in the loop about our findings, you can also be sent the rare update (less than once per month) by filling out your email address here:

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Which topics do you want us to cover?

We’re asking for your help in selecting the next topics we will cover.
We plan to next cover 20 of the topics on this list, or roughly half.

Please vote and pass on the link! Voting will remain open for one week (until March 18).

(To view a full-page version of this survey, click here.)

Announcing AidGrade’s new team!

Thursday was the 1-year anniversary of AidGrade’s founding, and we also have completed a new round of hiring of researchers!

It is a really great team, with decades of experience in impact evaluation and meta-analysis among the group. Congratulations and welcome to Gautam Bastian, Timothy Catlett, David Mason, and Christine Shen!

Volunteer opportunities remain, and we expect other opportunities to arise over the next few months, including summer internships! Watch this space or follow on facebook or twitter for updates!

Kickstarter book available

If you missed the Kickstarter book and want a copy, you can get it here. We’ll also be posting a short version and a long version of the results for each topic on this website. Some things in the papers are not in the book and vice versa; the book is more of a popular read and includes remarks about the state of the discipline and an introduction to the statistics behind the analyses.